Morphism Series

This serie took shape one year ago, when I created the first part Polymorphism to perform in a feminist festival in Berlin, but is the result of my last years research. Each part is a 20min ( structured improvisation ) transformation, that have in common a specific estethic, costume , and music atmosphere. The tracks are an important part of the pieces, they are original productions made by the beatmaker Romanowitch under really specific and precise directions.
The work is largely inspired by Physical theater, Butoh philosophical approach and esthetics, and a specific light work ( Handhold by myself with differents lamps ).

It tests the limits, search, play with question of identity, gender, mask, mental health, patriarchy … Exploring the infinite forms of death / Birth as continuous cycles that we’re all part of, that surround us everytime and everywhere.
The pieces are a reflexion of politicals statements with a frontal, really abstract appoach.

The Chapter 1 was performerd seven times in 4 different countries, an amazing oppurtunity to let the work grow, dig in, evolve, and to let each transformation renew itself.
The chapter 2 was perfomerd 4 times in two different countries, and then was hit by the wave of covid. Many dates were canceled, but still the work had time to grew and develop.
The chapter 3, with is the last is currently in building. This chapter is meant to close the trilogy, and the final view will be to perform the 3 chapters in the same 60 minutes perfomance.