Today a Small Bird died due to sadness

Performance created in October 2019 for a dance Festival in Liege ( Belgium ). The specificity of a huge black skirt covering the whole stage combined with minimalistic and sensitive moves. The piece was also presented in the Centre Culturel de Namur / Abattoirs de Bomel as a special guest during the exhibition of Thierry Robrechts "journal d'une atrophie".

It's a moment out of time, out of space, as a process of creating beauty out of pain and sadness. As a silent shout for all the humans and non humans struggling here. Music : Today a small bird died due to sadness ( he was 6 years old ) - Lilly Joel Hope you Stay - Lorn

Synopsis : Dialog with the Bird. "-What would you say to a small dead Bird? - hope you had a good journey little budy! - he died due to sadness... -oh no... tell the Bird it's letting them win. "