Sawra is a 55min dance / theater piece created by Paraskevi Kapa and danced by her, Elisavet Dakoutrou, Virginia Antoniadou and Julianne Kasabalis. It was created in Athens from december to february 2020, in Athens. I took part in the piece dancing, and assisting Paraskevi with co directing and choreographing the piece.

Sawra means the shame / the revolution. It's a piece talking about women. A huge amount of research have been done about the role of women during the war and dictatureship in Greece : their role in the resistance, their strengh resisting to tortures,their life in prison, their role in the army, their work to not let people die out of hunger … An essential role that has been totaly invisibilised, once again. The documentation process also opened wider, the female warriors, the political prisonners, … Books, poetry, pictures, videos …To put all these in movements was a long, intense, so interresting travel.

For all these feelings, popped up a question, what is the turning point ? What makes us / Them / you crossing the fence to defend your ideas ? Sawra is a shout of love for all women and all the fierce actions they acomplished and have been erased from our history, hearts and collective memory. It's a song of support to help us remember how strong and incredible we are. And maybe it's a whisper of daring to revolt, a last hope for taking back the freedom we're loosing everyday.