A collaboration with Romanowitch

pE.HSen is a performative video created in collaboration with Romanowitch during the Covid era. it has an intense connection with the place, the building, the pool. As the piece is happening in an occupied place, old swimmingppol squatted by a collective of artists, and was evicted the day after our video shooting. This emergency state is everywhere. Soon, it's going to be a luxury hostel. In the context of cultural and artistic distress, in the context of people being confined, poor are still thrown in the streets, artists are still invisibilised, and money and police are still winning.

Synopsis :
" Nobody knows what pE.HSen is.
Maybe a travel. A wandering.
Inside the layers.
Exploring the depths, erasing/acknowledging borders between parts of us and the physical and contextual surroundings, that stands also and as parts of us.
Bringing to night the coexistence between what it "is" and all the other realities that coexists in the potential of what it "could be".

JulianneK. and Romanowitch sign here another insane collaboration, finding their subtil path between grace and discomfort, drawn in the intensity that makes the specificity of their aesthetics and sensibilities. "