After years of collaboration and research , Romanowitch and Julianne Kasabalis embody their expe- rimentations into an original project : Nyxx, an invitation to corporal evasion through uncommon sound landscapes. Nyxx, a multidisciplinary experience, morphing in between concert and performance. Nyxx, a universe made of live electronic music, dance, voice and video immersing the audience in a very unique atmophere.

Romanowitch, music producer and sound designer brings to the stage his million buttons and cables, and some intense vibes highlighted by sensitive technicity. Julianne K is a dancer, performer and choreographer. Not only being a powerful moving body, in this project she also brings her voice, and her strong presence. Together they created a 45min set, where all these elements blend together with sensitivity and intensity. Their goal is to create some sound and visual spaces where anybody can get lost or get found, crea- ting a sober and shady aestethic that brings the audience into an unstable land.