Kismyname" is a performance based on a research about celebration, as a form of emotional intensity, influenced by my greek roots and part of a longer -lifetime- process to reappropiriate my own culture. The performance is inspired by "AUBE" ( video project ) but also on archives and personal stories that question notions of identity, paradoxes and the « need for belonging » as descendants of immigration. The notions of celebration in its different cultural and social forms remain a central questioning point, asked through movement, body and voice.

Kismyname is a deep, complex and complete process that comes from a long research. The project asks questions about identity, borders, and the need of belonging. These questions can touch every human being, but they are relevant and precious for many people that are descendants of immigration. By bringing those topics through a high quality piece, Kismyname have the ambition to question our relationship with our past, our history and our family ... So question our relationship with ourselves, in how we connect with the others and the worlds while carrying the « weight » or the « treasure » contains in our past, the past of our parents and

I did a lot of deep researches about the political history of Greece, traditional dances and cutlural specifities. Through the years I also gathered many documents, stories, audio from members of my greek family to feed my project.