Amélie Dechambre and Ublik


Amélie Dechambre is a Belgian dancer and performer, and my first partner. Not only we move, create and inspire each others since many years, but we also create project and events. In 2019 we created in collaboration with "L'Armande" a monthly open stage called "The lab'". The concept is to open a space for experimentations body/voice where perfomers can try out, show their finished or in process work, and meet the audience. The idea was also to give some visibility and space to exist to the most experimental propositions, wich often struggle to find their spaces in the dance scene.

Using Festivals, public spaces as a playground for experimentations. Trying to disturb / to fit, or just not caring about what surround us. Testing the borders between what is(not) performance. She created the collective Ublik in 2019 wich is an improvisation group with freedom of compositions. Sometimes with live musicians, in abandonned places or in theaters, with two or seven dancers, Ublik fly in the contemporary scene and is an inifite source of exchange and creativity.