Pix by Layla Saad

Julianne Kasabalis, also know under the name « Julianne Danapati », is a european dancer and perfomer.

Her current work goes in the direction of an experimental artistic process, performances, instalations, and improvisations with live musicians/beat makers.

After discovering Tribal Belly Fusion in 2006, blown by the techniques of isolations, she became part of several companies based in Belgium. She traveled and start teaching and performing in different Festival in Europe.

Her meeting with Orchidaceae changed her vision of „Fusion“, and then she started to study other styles : Popping and waving, contemporary, floorwork…

In September 2017 she moved to Berlin to learn and explore more. She did the one year Dance Intensive Program in Motion’s Studio ( Urban and contemporary ) where she had the opportunity to work with many amazing dancers : Joy Alpuerto Ritter ( Akhram kan ), Max Makowski ( Hofesh ), Anaisa Lopez , Florencia Lamarca ( Batcheva / Sacha Waltz )… 

In Berlin she also started studying and exploring Physical Theater and Butoh, through different projects and workshops ( Yuko Kaseki /… ).

She studied to become a practionner of „Transformative Bodywork“, with Sophie Kinkel ( using the touch as a support to approach body perception and access our ressources). She’s starting another Bodywork study called « Pantarei ». These approach of body changed her way of teaching, feeling, and understanding the beings.

The last years she’s been performing more and more, sometinmes as a soloist, with the series « Morphism », mainly in Feminists festivals or alternatives scenes, and sometimes as a guest in other projects like Sawra ( Athens 2019).